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It would be nice to have a gallery of the best solutions of recent puzzles to explore (like a shared puzzle).

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Tony, this project has already been started, courtesy of thom001.

Results, starting at puzzle # 389, are posted here:

In many of the results pages, screenshots of the top solutions have been posted. Also, some commentary on the puzzles has been posted by some of the top scorers for those puzzles.

It's a goal to expand this section and make it more detailed. Good things to include in the future might be:

* animated .gifs of a soloist or team progression through the puzzle
* step-by-step list of tools and scripts used on the puzzle
* commentary on specific challenges faced while folding the protein.

This work-in-progress is open to all players, not necessarily those with the best scores. Everything we learn from everyone else makes us that much better at the game.

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I was thinking more of a gallery like the gallery puzzle currently available. A puzzle that can be downloaded and manipulated like any other.

I would love to be able to download the best solution and see what others have done and learn from them. I presume that's what you do when you evolve from your group.

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i still think there is potential in this idea.
you really can learn a lot from interacting/exploring good folded solutions and not just look at picture.

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Bumping another old one. Here is my post I did on this (accidental duplicate):

I was thinking, once a puzzle expires, as long as it isn't being reposted, that it could be made a gallery puzzle. I think it would be nice to see ideas from multiple players, and to evolve on them. I am thinking that there could be a section for these galleries, and that after a period of time, they could be removed, unless you go to the website and download the puzzle, and you can keep it untill you deleate it.

What do you think? YOu could have all solutions and conditions from the science puzzle, then otherwise it acts like a gallery.


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