Can`t load recipes

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Opened on:Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 13:50
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Recipes not loading.
Website shows popup and nothing happens.
Have only one client open and IRC is working.

Windows 7 32 bit, Firefox.

Website popup was not present some long time but all works fine on this machine.

I think problem raises after some changes in website main page ("download" panel was missing).

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I had this happen to me too, where the recipes would not load.

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Same problem since changes to downloader yesterday. It must be the javascript you added. It should be pretty easy to reinstall the old code back into Joomla! or Drupal whichever you use on you site.

I am running Ubuntu 101.10 32 bit

Don't you test your changes on a test network before deploying them? This sort of mistake is a noob sys admin error. You need to revisit your testing/deployment protocols.

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I was able to load an older recipe today but was not able to load a brand new one. Hope this helps with diagnosis and fix!

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I can't load new recipes either. I'm on a Mac if that helps.

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Same here, win 7 64 bit, happens on Firefox and Internet Explorer.

When clicking "add to cookbook", the popup appears that tbe recipe has been added, but it isn't.
The recipe also doesn't show in the "all.macro" file.

No error is reported in the game's logfile, so I guess there is something wrong with the website itself.

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Count me in too. Windows Vista Home Premium sp2.

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I'm working on fixing this now. I'll post when fixed. Thanks.

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Still not fixed, this is an easy one. The problem is in the changed plugin on the website. Just reinstall the previous plugin for now even though it doesn't notify about the recipe being downloaded. At least you would have this major part of the game working. Then go back and fix the plugin that is not working. TEST IT before deploying.

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Obviously, fishercat was right, now it works again!
Thanks a lot.

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Thank you very much


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