GUI script freeze when minimize client

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Opened on:Monday, January 31, 2011 - 19:15
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OS: Windows XP SP3

When I run any GUI script it freezes between commands: I need to restore window for a moment to continue script.

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That's normal. It's always done that.

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I knowh, but cant run GUI recipes in background because of that behavior.

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Shameless bump.
It should work normally when client is minimized.
425 is very specific and we need use GUI scripts for it.

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I have a feeling I know the cause for this.

Sound effects seem to be queued in a buffer. When I minimize my client for an hour or two at work and then restore, often times I have to wait a few minutes for all the "Pop-pop-pop-pop-pop!" sounds to complete playing all-at-once.

The easy fix would be to disable sound effects, or sound effect queueing (or something!), when the window is minimized.

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Shameless BUMP!
Because of planning GUI comeback it NEED to be FIXED.

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Who said the GUI was planning a comeback ?

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I know, right?

Last I heard: the Selection Interface was making a comeback! ;-)

We'll keep you posted well ahead of time if anything does make a comeback (such as the sliders, for example) to make sure the important and relevant feedbacks get bumped (and finally addressed!) ahead of time.

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I'll look into it, but because it's a GUI script issue, it's not a very high priority.

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see for some additional infos

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I've added a temporary fix for this that will go out in the next devprev.

It adds a windows-only option which lets you continue running Foldit in the background, GUI macros and all. Because this runs everything when Foldit is minimized some people may not want this.

The full fix would be to move the GUI script execution off onto a separate thread. That's a low priority now though.

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It is possible to start GUI script in background (minimized window) like LUA scripts?
Step on it again on hand-folding round...


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