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Hi There are TWO DEFFERENT problums with the in game group chat window not opening.
#1 Is the permission problum of the people signing in on a outside irc channel. This is NOT what i am talking about.
#2 Problum is that when you start the very fist client on your machine the group chat window looks to see if any other clients are already running (there isnt as only one client is running) but the group chat window thinks there is, so it is muted and just says joining chat. This is a faults positive return, so that group chat window thinks that there is another client running, even if there isnt, and mutes and will not open.
I know this is true because when i can sign into the group chat window on foldit using irc from mibbit i can talk to the other irc people in the foldit group window, and i can SEE THE OTHER IN GAME GROUP MEMBERS join and given a voice by chanelserv but they are then listed as idlers on mibbit because they dont have any where to type or view the group chat window because it is muted in their in game client.
Remember this all started at the same time group permissions were changed.
None of the people in our group, wheather or not they are using irc, can get an IN GAME GROUP WINDOW TO OPEN, even if no other client is running, and have seen nothing but a muted IN GAME chat window since the group permissions were changed, a long time ago.

Please try to think of this from a different angle, it is the fault of the in game window not opening. It is not a permission thing but a fault of the in game window thinking that it is already open so it mutes.
Thank you all for helping. sincerly itskimo :<)

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My in game group chat is working :)

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yes inca thats because you are in a defferent group some groups are ok others are not

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Yap, still no working...

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Maybe it`s nothing, but our channel as only one has full lowercase name:
All other groups are:
I know that IRC is not case sensitive, but maybe foldit client is? And not detecting/accepting data form channel?

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Now it looks like that:
- entering group channel give us an +v and +o by chanserv
- foldit client still not connecting properly
Screen shoot:

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Like i suspect foldit irc client IS case sensitive!
Kicked everyone, leaved channel then joined as #AnthropicDreams and it is working from client!
Unsure about security, but we can use channel screen shoots finally :)

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closing ticket


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