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Opened by:thosi
Opened on:Saturday, November 6, 2010 - 16:52
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None of my chat channels are working properly:

My group chat keep stating "Joining Chat". I can understand from some of my team mates it is a known problem...

The Puzzle and Global chats also don't work properly. After a short while working normally it stops updating. I can see the users online, but nothing new is written in the chat. When I shut down the client and restart I can see that the chat is very active. I cannot write in the chat while it is inactive, I just get an error message, stating "Illegal operation for this state".

Is it my client or is there a problem with the IRC chat?

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Same there about group chat.

Thosi, try "disable network timeouts" during logon.

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I tried to "disable network timeouts" as you said but the problem still occurs...

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My group chat is working :)

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i think that when the first clinet starts the ingame group chat window thinks that it is all ready started ( a faults positive return)and so it mutes out. it is not a in game permission thing because on the irc client mibbit you can see the other in game group members sige in and get a voice from chanserv and given a voce but they cant say anything because there is no place to write or see the awncers because the in game group chat window wont open because it thinks it already is open and mutes out

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It worked for a time, but now it's out of order again. Same problem with group chat: Keeps saying joining chat..."

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I am having this problem!!!!!! I cant talk to my group...

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Sorry... this is the account that was having the problems.... This comments account was one that I tried to join seperatly to the chat but still no connecting.

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My group chat doesn't work on client that is open by itself. I can only chat with group if I open IRC external. And, that has to be done before opening a client. Several group members have mentioned this via external client.

I'm running beta version.

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I tested his account, he is now be able to join the #AnthropicDreams, he was banned from that channel, thanks
to the support from #AnthropicDreams ops.

For other channels, he may need to ask #channel ops to unban his irc-account.

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My chat channels are not working as well. All of them.

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Looks like IRC is working correct for long time. Closing.


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