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the last couple of days I've notcied some odd closing times on the puzzles. 376 seemed to end a bit early, but I ascribed this to the server not being on daylight saving time. Puzzle 377, however, ended way too early. As far as I can tell from the score registered, I'd say somewhere close to a day early.

If puzzles need to end earlier than planned, possibly due to publications or whatever, could you please alert us to this? I know I'm not the only one to use the deadline as a guide for when to put in the finishing moves, including trying out the different starting alignments...


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Sorry, that was my bad for not mentioning it on every puzzle.
The descriptions have gotten so long (to explain "the extended chain" "although the sequences for each model are identical... threading will result in very different starting structures." and "Press Q if you need to center the protein after resetting.") that I stopped mentioning CASP puzzles ending a different times.

376 closed at the normal time for us, but since we do not change DST until Sunday it could be off by 1 hour for some player (as you mentioned)

377 & 379 (and all future CASP9 puzzles) now close later than usual (they used to close at 23:00 GMT on Tuesday night since the natives get released on Wednesdays) but now they close 8 hours later at 7am GMT on Wednesdays since the natives do not get released until the mornings here.

Of course all of this would be solved with a Countdown Clock in the game:

we just haven't had a chance to implement that yet :-(

Until then I will mention the 8 extra hours that you get for CASP9 puzzles, sorry about that!

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Ah, my bad too, then. I'm usually careful about checking the end time when I begin a puzzle. But as the times are only visible on the in game puzzle page, and I rarely close a puzzle once I have it loaded, any changes go unnoticed. Or in this case, I guess I just wasn't attentive enough.

Will keep the CASP9 special times in mind ;-)


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