Put up a paypal button for us to donate towards a server upgrade

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I have experienced a marked Server slowdown during certain times of the day.
Surely there are more people like me who would not mind donating some money towards a better server infrastructure.

I don't know about the limitations/legalities of this, but I would happily donate some money towards some server
upgrade if you had some way of doing it easily (something like Paypal or such, don't want to push just one brand)

I would put up $100 if you did

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If some money can help to keep project running and evolving... worth to be considered.
If no need just mark as rejected :)

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Rosetta@Home is similar to Foldit and has a page for donations:


Is there a similar way to donate to Foldit?
The money could be used to support more staff,
upgrade hardware, provide prize money for special contests, etc.

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What are the details about Foldit's current server?

What would be a good upgrade to shoot for?

How much money would be necessary to accomplish this upgrade?

Is it really the Server that is a problem? Is there some code written in Lua that could be rewritten in C or C++ and made to run faster? Are there other things that cause Foldit to occasionally be sluggish?

Is Foldit a 501 C3? This is an IRS tax classification that allows donors to deduct donations on their taxes. You are part of University of Washington and can probably use their 501 C3 status.

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This is something I will bring up in discussion with the team, however, as many members of the team are at RosettaCon, it won't be until next week at the earliest.


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