Linux client has no key shortcuts to restore quicksaves

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I have tried any combination of keys found mentioned in any post but there is no way I can restore a quicksave
on my linux client by any key combination.

Running on lubuntu, should be same as ubuntu lucid.

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You can save to a quickload slot by key but not load it?

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The quicksave slots are saved to by a script.
I have found no working key combination yet to save to a quicksave slot either.

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Normally, to load from a quickload slot, it is control key plus saveslot number at the same time.
Control-1 would do quickload 1.

Saving to it would be Control-Shift-1.

If this isn't working, I would create an extra script containing only the command
and then execute it.

Dealing with saveslot from 4 to 9, you even have to do it this way, because there are no key shortcuts.

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