Searching Recipes often does not show relevant recipes

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When I search recipes for a term it often will not show recipes that contain the term in the recipe name.

I'd like to suggest to change the search alogrithm so it would return any recipe that has the given search term in the
title of the recipe. I mean every recipe that has the term I search in the Name, maybe not as a single word but the combination of letters that I am searching for.

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I've also discovered that if one is browsing the "group shared recipes" and conducts a search while on the "group share" page, the search will only provide results from the "public shared recipes".

Or, in short, the search function only works for the "public shared recipes".

A search in the "group shared recipes" would be most convenient.

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Also search for recipes by author would be nice :D

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That's right, recipe search only shows recipes which names start with the search expression, not if it is included in another place of their name.

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