Helices and sheets suddendly turning into loops

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While playing the Killer Toxin easy puzzle, all helices and sheets suddenly changed into loops for no good reason - in fact, the whole structure changed into a single, long loop (see attached). Is this a known bug? Is there a way to recover from it?

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This can sometimes happen in 'Structure Mode' if you mouse over more than one segment whilst trying to change a segments structure (there's probably a key combination that will do it as well by accident). Not sure that it's a bug though, I think it's by design so you don't have to change every segment one by one, although I never got the hang of it myself either.

'Reset structure' will sometimes undo it, although I don't think that works on design puzzles. You could also have used the 'undo' option to go back and restore the original. Now it looks like you will have to redo the segments one by one.


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Save structure b4 run any GUI script.
Would be nice to have GUI script options "save structure" and "load structure" and update default LWS script to no making newbies confused.

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