frequent crashes from nvoglnt.dll

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I'm getting frequent crashes from nvoglnt.dll. Sometimes the game won't even start. Sometimes it crashes while I'm moving a protein. So far, I haven't been able to play as long as 5 minutes. I am running Windows XP SP3.

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I'm a new user with the same problem. It crashes before I can get a puzzle done. It has crashed on me 7 times in very few minutes. I'm also running Windows XP SP3. The game is very cute. I would like to have my students use it as we are ready to discuss proteins, but not if it crashes all the time!


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I figured out my particular problem. The library nvoglnt.dll is an NVIDIA dll. In other words, the crashes were related to my video card on my laptop not being able to handle the 3-D graphics. It wasn't really a Fold It crash at all. I installed the game on a desktop with a more capable NVIDIA video card, and it's working just fine - no crashes at all, and I'm on the 8th or 9th puzzle.


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