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I am attempting to play this "fold it" game on my netbook along with my wife (who also has the same model netbook) and it does not seem to work.

System specs:

Asus EeePC1005HA-P
N280 @ 166Mhz processor speed
2gigs ram
Running Windows XP Home SP3
LCD 1024x768

The problems are twofold that I have found so far:

I am not a computer programmer, so I am at a lack for the's my best brief description:

1. The cursor is off a little, so that if you were to attempt to click on a box on the game, the cursor (arrow) is about 1" higher than it should be (based on what appears to be "rolled over") when I am scrolling the cursor.

2. When you start the game up, the entire window is not visible. There is a frame of sorts, but you cannot view what I would suspect there is to view if the game would work on this computer.

The concept of this game is brilliant. I have reason to believe the idea will be highly mimicked by other entities (e.g. volunteer labor via gamers). I would very much like to participate, but so far cannot.

If you have a fix for this, please contact me.

Thank you,
Geoff Kegerreis
(former biotech lab assistant at Michigan State University - Forest genetics dept. under Han, Ph.D.)

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Try to run the netbook with it's native resolution (1024x600) when running Foldit. Setting the display resolution to 1024x768 compressed mode AND running Foldit seems to overstrain the graphics chip.

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Fixed long time ago.


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