Guide shifts when returning to puzzle

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On the quest to the native puzzles, I create a band from every segment to the guide. When I save the puzzle and come back to it, the guide has moved to another rotation. This requires adjusting 150 bands (or however many segments there are in the protein) to get it to align to the guide again, with no guarantee that it won't happen again the next time. This has cause me to waste hours realigning bands once again. I'm not the only one experiencing this, as I found in chat today.

Action items:

1) Fix the bug so that the alignment stays correct when saving and returning. This is the most important thing. This is actually more important to me than even fixing bugs that cause crashes.

2) Feature request: Give the ability to drag and position the guide. If I hold down the control key while clicking on the guide, I should be able to drag it around and rotate it into three dimensions. This would allow me to manually line the guide up with the protein.

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Yes, that's kind of annoying.
Maybe it would help if the segment with center index (which is int(get_segment_count()/2+1) ) of the puzzle would have always the same position as the center segment of the guide.

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No, its wrong.
Now we can align guide to selected part of protein.
When it would be fixed to one segment is useless.
Position of guide should be saved.

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Okay, aligning a guide segment (and the rest) to the puzzle segment with the same index makes more sense.

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