Bigger band sizes.

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Tlaloc wrote it multiple times but I want to remind that it would be nice to have a bigger maximum band size.
As long we can't connect bands to open air, but only from segment to segment, a bigger maximum bandsize is the only way to get segments apart (and let them snap them into new positions inside again).

If we still use bandsizes about 20 or less, the scripts will always more or less tend to compress the puzzle, forming a only clump, but turning them inside out is a key for exploration.

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Yes, please make the maximum band size something like 10000. It needs to be more than the maximum length between the two ends of a denovo protein with the maximum number of segments foldit can handle.

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The value needn't be really big, but it should be possible to connect the first and last segment of a puzzle and pull both apart entirely, like you said.

If you open the contest freestyle design 500, (which is a completly blank 500-segment unfolded puzzle) and you execute


it will return a value about 1774.1

The longest -common- human proteines have a length of 1000-1200 amino-acids, which would give a proportional result of 2348-2817.

The longest one consists of about 30,000 acids (as well as I know), giving a proportional distance length of 106446, a value pretty easy to handle for 32bit.


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If you go from one segment index to the next, the distance is always the same, approximately 3.8 distance units,
so rule of the thumb for maximum bandlength per puzzle is:


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... or more exact:
(get_segment_count()-1)*3.8, as you have to count the connections, and not the number of segments.

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You should be able to recognize a ligand puzzle via script by measuring the length between the last and second last segment:

If the distance is about 3.8, this is not a ligand puzzle, as the segments are in a row with "fixed" distance to each other.
If this distance is bigger, it should be a ligand puzzle.

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Done, bands up to 10`000 units. Closing.

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Marking as resolved.


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