On app startup, when resuming Very Best solution, viewport fails to recenter protein

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Opened on:Friday, August 27, 2010 - 19:20
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On app startup, when resuming Very Best solution ( Hot key: A ), viewport fails to recenter protein

Description: If the user employs the ( Ctl + CLICK + Drag ) operation at any time and saves. The protein is later restored outside of the viewport, so the user must zoom out and relocate the protein, and drag it into view. (i.e. the exact 3-space coordinates of the protein are restored instead of reset to 0,0,0 )

Protein should atleast be restored to somewhere in the viewport.

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How about pressing Pos1 to center view?

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I believe that Crashguard is right, you can just press Q to center the view.

Please re-open this if that doesn't work.

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Oh I'm sorry!


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