Recipes will not add to client, even while client is running

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When trying to add a recipe to the client, Web browser claims that the client must be running in order to install recipe. The client is running, but it seems that the connection is not made. Running Windows 7 64-bit

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Running MacOs 10.4.11 and having the same problem...

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I'm running Windows 7 64bit (32bit and WinXP too) without this problem.
It was there some time, but not now.

Did you check your browser, for example, flushing the internet-cache and something like this or trying another one?

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As workaround, if the lua-scripts have a link to its code, or it is shown on the recipe's page, you can copy and paste it from there into the game's editor and run it.

I still would appreciate, if the recipe-site would show the code as plain text automatically, as the downloads sometime don't work if there is a server problem.

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Same Problem with windows 7 64-bit. I have only been playing for the 3 weeks since I saw the nature article. It was working for a week or so but I have tried everything and it will not work. I trying fixing the IRC through my profile but out of the 20 times I've tried it in the last couple days it continues to fail. I can no longer join the chat rooms either. Tried reinstalling, clearing cache and cookies. I really tried everything. Anyone? Please

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A hard test would be deactivating firewall, and trying if you can get in then, or deactivating the IPv7 protocol, using only IPv4.

My sister had an onboard-LAN-adapter, which made trouble, after she got a PCI one, everything was fine.

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I had been using Google Chrome when I was receiving this error. I switched to Internet explorer, and everything worked fine. Is it Possible that the code to add a recipe does not support Chrome? (or vice versa)

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Firefox works, too.

I think it has to do with the cookies.
Maybe, chrome can't get the information properly, that the client is online.

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Earlier today I could not download scripts to my Ubuntu box.
So I fired up an XP box and scripts would download to it.
Then I tried running the Foldit app on the XP box and pushing the download button on the Ubuntu box.
And surprise, the script shows up on the XP box.

Then I started the Foldit app on Ubuntu and pushing the download button on XP. That worked too.

And now XP box is off and firefox downloads started in Ubuntu arrive in the Ubuntu Foldit app just like it should.

Maybe the server people were hard at work fixing things up?

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I found that recipes will only download if you are logged into both the client and the website at the same time. Wish this was made a bit clearer.

Running Fold It on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit and using Firefox 4.

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1. Need to be logged into any science puzzle
2. Preferable is "old" interface (cokkbook in selection is not updating)
3. Need to be logged on site
4. Ingame IRC chat need to be working (see global chat channel is working)
5. Only one instance of client can be running

If any of above is not made problem will occur.


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