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353: CASP9 Refinement Puzzle 10
Status: Closed


176Edix 51 1403  8,6761
177Fosnez 51 1403  8,6721
178CoachB 51 1403  8,6701
179eaglem 51 1403  8,6651
180superstring2 51 1403  8,6611
181Nyssanara 51 1403  8,6421
182frosty_hotboy 51 1403  8,6401
183hmonroe84 51 1403 Washington DC area folders8,6161
184h314to 51 1403  8,6101
185th3 trauma 51 1403  8,6081
186shastrix 51 1403  8,6011
187Aeternum 51 1403  8,6001
188longi 51 1403 Richard Dawkins Foundation8,5891
189Ethanor 51 1403  8,5761
190basee 51 1403  8,5691
191cjf202 51 1403  8,5631
192Dj-P 51 1403 Go Science8,5411
193shoematt 51 1403  8,4981
194frogfactory 51 1403  8,4961
195tonyferraro 51 1403  8,4821
196donaldjmccann 51 1403  8,4301
197waffelhaus 51 1403  8,4271
198enigmaX 51 1403  8,4111
199simonstpauli 51 1403  8,4081
200darumbar 51 1403  8,4021

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This one will not be easy!

So this last CASP9 refinement target will not be easy.
The CASP9 organizers have told us that the best submitted model for this target had a GDT_TS of 56 which is quite low (a score of 100 is a perfect match to the native).

This means that you will need to heavily refine the starting model, especially in the regions that they mention (residues 10, 20 and 50) shown in note mode.

To make this even harder, the starting model they have selected is the Rosetta model submitted by our human group in the Baker Lab, which is trapped in a local minimum and highly minimized (essentially wiggled to death) so it will be very difficult to improve the score unless you get very close to the native state.

This is why we had to bring back the conditions for this one. It is in your best interest to focus on the regions with conditions immediately from the start (as opposed to wiggling/shaking the starting model) so that your starting very best score will be as low as possible.
This way, hopefully once you've made enough improvements on the 3 regions with conditions you will be able to beat the score of the starting puzzle.

Because we realize how much of a challenge this is, we will also post another version of this puzzle without conditions that will hopefully be useful.

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