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Return of the Platypus Venom for all
Status: Closed


Name: Return of the Platypus Venom for all
Status: Closed
Created: 08/10/2010
Points: 100
Expired: 08/12/2010 - 23:00
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: This puzzle, a protein found in duckbilled platypus venom, is so that veteran Foldit players can help out new players with Easy Puzzle (<150): Return of the Platypus Venom by using the global chat (but without competing against them on the scoreboard).

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Joined: 01/08/2009
Groups: Void Crushers
The sidechains on the guide

The sidechains on the guide are not the same as the sidechains on the structure - there is something wrong with this puzzle.

Joined: 05/09/2008
Groups: None
Thank you for catching this!

We had the wrong Platypus Venom as the native!

You can see that the correct one has a very similar fold to the incorrect one that is used in the guide:

But I will close this puzzle in 24 hours (to give everyone a chance to get similar scores) and repost the correct ones.

Sorry about this and thanks again for spotting this mistake!

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Joined: 07/15/2008
Groups: Beta Folders
I don't get it

Are we supposed to play this without getting scored?
"but without competing against them on the scoreboard"

Joined: 05/09/2008
Groups: None
sorry for not being clear about this

To implement this suggestion in the feedback:

in order for all you veteran Foldit players to help out all the new players that have joined us (but are struggling with the beginner puzzles) the suggestion was to let all players (regardless of global points) view the puzzle.

This is a temporary solution until we get that suggestion implemented (we could also just make a gallery mode version of the puzzle, but we didn't want to confuse new players any further!).

So now, beginners can compete against each other in the Easy Puzzle (<150), and everyone can check out the puzzle with this one (and obviously you can play around with it and try to beat everyone else if you want!)

Sorry for the confusion!

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Groups: Beta Folders
Is this puzzle scored ?

I still don't know if this puzzle scored for us "veterans", and included for ranking purposes ?

If not, I spent an entire folding day on it for nothing.

Joined: 05/09/2008
Groups: None
It is totally scored!

This puzzle will be scored as normal, including rankings, as will its replacement.

This is why I didn't close it for 24 hours, so that everyone who wanted to could get a chance to play it.

Again, sorry to make this so complicated.

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guide query

From a total newbie - On the 'fat short curly bit' on the actual, the connection to the end of the tube is at the side, but on the guide it is at the end (goes to the long chain with a tube followed by a sheet. The other fat connector is ok

Also on the guide there is a 'triangle' which does not appear on the actual.

Are these things which need to be rebuilt or is it still the wrong guide?


Joined: 06/17/2010
a trap

Helix is 1 sgmnt too long and there is no 1-sgm sheet in sec. sctucture.
You need to fix it too ;]

Joined: 05/09/2008
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skip this puzzle!

If you are a new Foldit player you should just skip this puzzle and play this one instead:

The guide on the new puzzle is correct, and so you should try to match the secondary structure up as well (using Structure Mode, by pressing 2).

This puzzle was just incorrect so you should just ignore it, the puzzle is closed so you will not get any points for any work you do on it now.

The new puzzle will be open until September 12th!

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