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Since the server came back up I have no live scoreboard and no chat client.


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Same here, any chance of a fix anytime soon?

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Not only are my local scores not propagating to the website, and not only do we have no chat, I also cannot download any shared solutions to evolve. This will adversely affect my scores and ranking.

Additionally, for several days, I could also not even download any puzzles at all, so could not work on all the puzzles for the full duration of the initially allotted period of time, except the one which I had already downloaded before the crash.

I guess we now need to download all puzzles immediately upon release, or risk being locked out competition if there is a hardware outage.

I do hope all of this can be resolved soon.

I am aware that you all are probably working feverishly, day and night to fix everything, and that is well appreciated, but the negative effects are still reverberating throughout the "Foldom."

Couldn't have happened at a worse time either - what with all the Nature articles being published, the inevitable influx of new people will be bound to surf right into our Fold-it Disaster area. This will probably be very off-putting to many newbies who will be lost with out chat-help. - if they can even download puzzles at all. Such a shame.

Anyway, more power to you all, once again,(techs & admins), and thanks again to all of you who are working tirelessly to put things aright, and get everything back to normal.

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From a comparison of live solo vs webpage solo, and a comparison of webpage solo to webpage evolver score, it also *appears that evolver scores are being shown on the webpage as solo competition entries. I thought that evolver separation from solo was a done deal.

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I have also been unable to download any group/evolver solutions lately from Foltit.

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For future references, it might be a good idea to leave Foldit disabled rather than having it return with partial functionality (and have players complain about not seeing the live score board or not being able to upload solutions). To compensate for the down time, the puzzle could be extended by the length of the down time...

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We are aware of both these problems and are working as hard as possible to get these up and running soon.

This was the last thing we wanted to happen this week, and we apologize to you all for it.

infjamc, you are absolutely right, the only reason we brought back a non-100% version of Foldit was due to the CASP deadlines which we cannot extend.
Hopefully you rather be able to work on CASP puzzles in a limited fashion rather than not being able to work on them at all before they need to be submitted.

But I won't post the last CASP target until we get Foldit back up to 100% so that everybody will have a level playing field.

We appreciate your patience and also apologize for the lack of feedback while we are trying to resolve all the server problems.

Thanks for hanging in there!

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this should be fixed, let us know if it is not

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Looking all fixed to me. I think we are all recovered from the crash.

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Everything seems to be functional again.


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