Foldit UI hangs when right clicking on URL in chat

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Opened on:Monday, August 2, 2010 - 21:57
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This is intermittent, and I have not discerned the pattern for when it occurs. Here are the symptoms: On Windows, I right click on a URL in chat to invoke my browser. I have a script running, but I am not sure if that matters. At that point the UI locks up. The script continues to run, and I can continue to read chat, but I cannot click on anything in the UI and have it respond. I can't stop the script, post anything in chat, or click on anything else in the UI. The only thing I can do at that point is to kill foldit and restart it.

When I right click on foldit in the task bar and select 'close', foldit does respond asking me if I want to save the current protein and responds to the click on the 'yes' button.

This has been happening since at least the start of May when I started playing again. It does not happen every time. There may be some variable, such as what it is doing in the script execution or something that makes a difference.

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Does this occur on old and new interface?

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I only play with the "old" interface, so I have no idea if it happens on the "new".

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closing time bound old clients


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