Only 2 cores used?

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On my Copmuter the percent of CPU used by the game is constantly between 44% and 50% when wiggle is running. Plus a little spike of 1% more from time to time - eihter measurement inaccuracys or something like score update to the servers.

So does the game use only 2 cores for the tools? Especially wiggle could go much faster and that one produces a lot of waiting time.

I'm running an AMD 905e 2,5GHz @2,75GHz

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Yes, it does use 2 cores, plus a small bit.
This would require dividing the game into more threads (processes).

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Can you run two instances of foldit, folding several puzzles with each instance?

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FoldIT atm using only one thread (core) for computing and second for GUI. If you have quad, run one client, start script and minimize it you will have "only" 25% usage. When not minimized: 50%. In dual cores that would be 50 in minimized and 100 when not.

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