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Opened on:Saturday, July 17, 2010 - 17:58
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Contenders is set up as a "moderated" group, which means that one of we group admins has to approve a request to allow a person to join.

We recently had someone request admission to the group, whom we don't yet know. We haven't made a decision on this admission, and lo!, this person entered our group chat and can presumably view our proprietary scripts and recipes.

Holy breach of security, Batman! This should never have been allowed. Can you fix this? I am going to have to change Contenders' status to a "closed" group until we get satisfactory resolution.

Anyone who is interested in joining can contact CharlieFortsConscience (a/k/a CFC) or me via Global chat or through the messaging program in FoldIt.

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In the past this happened at least one time to our team, too.
We accepted him anyway, so it was not a big deal. But I agree with Boots about the security issue.

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Maybe if all the recipes were freely shared, there wouldn't be a need for "security". Good grief.

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That's an interesting point, more appropriately discussed in the Forum.

I'm starting a thread "How much information are we expected to share with the rest of the Folding community?" There are many different balances that can be struck; and I would like to read the thoughts of other folderers, teamed and independent.

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Hi, I raised the issue with Boots (as he is an admin for the group) because we also tend to discuss private things and sometime very private things in group chat. Over the past half year I have gotten to know most of the so well I feel comfortable sharing parts of my private life with them which I would not necessarily share with the rest of the world. Nothing top secret, no rocket science, no Perez Hilton stuff but still. You're in a room with friends and you talk. Then suddenly you notice a stranger in the room who is not only able to reply but also listen. How long has he been there, what did he read ?
I do not like that. I like some privacy. That was the initial reason I brought it up.

I was not aware that scripts and recipes can be read. I'll join you in the global discussion on recipes and other 'secret stuff' for that :)

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Expecting anything you put out on the internet to be or remain private is foolish.

The old rule applies - "If you wouldn't want to see it in the newspaper or on TV, or shared with millions of your closest friends, don't put it on the internet".

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I share Bletchley Park's opinion as well as Brick's.

Sometimes, I'm talking about private things with some users, which I don't want to be seen for everyone (health or relationship topics for example).
Plus, if I have a private chat, the other users won't see things which they don't want to see, so it is better for myself AND the others.

In reference to recipes, I'll find it more fair to upload them for everyone.
I'll specify this in the other thread.

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Lets not get two things muddled up here. This feedback is NOT about the sharing or not sharing of recipes. It concerns the fact that someone applying to a group gets immediate access to Group Chat BEFORE they have been approved.

Irrespective of whether it is possible for someone to hack the system and gain access to the deliberations of any given Group - I'm sure that there are people here who could - it is reasonable to expect that the system should be set up so that under normal circumstances the conversations on Group Chat are exclusive to the approved members of the Group.

There appear to be other problems in the area of Group applications and approvals, so can things be updated so that if a player applies to a group that application is passed to the group administrators but no access to ANY group facilities is given UNTIL that application is approved. That would seem to be the answer.

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Thanks, we're looking into it. It looks like a timing issue causing some validation not to be performed when syncing group members between the website and the IRC server. I don't have a fix yet but it shouldn't be too complicated.

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You could just eliminate groups, and the problem disappears. :)

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This issue has never been resolved. Group members often discuss personal things with each other, as well as game stuff. I don't want an uninvited stranger eavesdropping on me. Although I can override this with the "kick" function via an outside IRC client, this loophole never should have existed in the first place.


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