The new rotational 'fade' speeds up FoldClub

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Evening FoldCentral

I'm running on a lappy, winxp sp3. It cant cope with puzzles 120+, but I learn to live with it.
The new rotational fade, where everything bar the 'recipe running' banner and the actual protein, disappears from view is very very nice. I've noticed it also runs Foldit faster, presumably because there's less things on-screen to distract the calculations and rendering. Is there any chance it could be implemented as a 'view option'? Have a check-box called 'silent running' which only displays the protein, the recipe banner AND the undo graph, (that's very important). It would help everyone who isnt blessed with the bestest hardware.
I can achieve the same results, by taping my left mouse permanently down, but a check-box would be so much easier.


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P4 HT XP xp3- confirmed. Script is running about 50% faster when in "faded rotating" mode.
Looks like one of .dll working thread shuts down (only 2 working thread active - 1 exe and 1 dll insted od 1 exe and 2 dlls). On my PC is faster that way.

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I've added a checkbox to disable many parts of the GUI, it's in the developer preview now.

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This has been released.

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Great! Works great!
Now plz some keyboard shortcut to tur it on and off :)

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Keyboard shortcuts have been added.

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Cool, now I can even play some puzzles on the slow PC.


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