GUI eats too many CPU power

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My system: P4 HT 3.0 GHz, 1G ram, Radeon 4650 1G AGP, XP XP3
When I minimize window it runs in background over 2x faster!
I checked in precessexplorer that .exe process eats 50% (full 1 HT "core") on IDLE (just showing screen, nothing running, no mouse movements). When I run any function/script then game_library.dll process/precesses kicks in and eating rest of CPU. When I minimize window then .exe takes ~0% and 2 of .dll gets all CPU.
I think there is much to improve.
I also noticed that my GPU is mostly used in... ~1%. Periodically it kicks a <1s spike ~20% (not sure that is my system alone or usage)
I hope "some" of GUI showing calculations can be done mostly in GPU not CPU alone.

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That's why I asked about adjustable fps
or some info in the minimized window title bar:

Big puzzles are hard to play on a single-core CPU, even a simple wiggle/shake takes some minutes, on multi-cores only some seconds.

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There is also NO change in CPU usage for exe when i put molecule out of screen (ie aside).
I was sure that displaying molecule is "CPU eater" but not...

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That's right.
No change.

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A bump.
Maybe some GUI update as well? :)
Also notice
Open CL is my vote - one code can be used on various hardware (ie no ati vs nvidia fight).

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