Recipes have gone a little strange. Must be the heat

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From the last little update - every time I run a recipe from my white local section, it goes green, and gets given its own web-page. They're not being shared, either public, self or group, but they are going public, in a sense. Not a huge issue, since the web-page doesnt show details of what it does, but...

And downloading recipes sends them to white local section, but they still appear yellow, instead of loading into the Read-only section. Is this designed behaviour? Are you taking a census of what recipes we're folding with? Thought I'd mention it, since it's only one step away from automatically sharing every recipe every time we run it, and if that happens, I know one or two folderers that will have kittens, and fall off their chair, possibly at the same time.


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Make that three folders and I'll have more than just kittens.

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Hey, BP...

I think CFC was referring to you as one of the two. :-)

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Same here.

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Still active. Downloaded groupmate's recipe, and it's appeared in the local white section, but coloured yellow. Should have popped up in green shared.

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This one by CFC was first but I didn't see it so I opened a feedback here

there are some pictures.

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recipe sections now xlosed


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