New updates today, solns wiped and lost as a result

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Evening FoldCentral

It's come up before, when updates seem to erase solns, but it's happened again. 2 updates today, I dont know which might be responsible, but post 2nd update, I found my 317 and 319 evo best were lost, wiped out. They were both the last soln left open, when I moved to a different puzzle. Update seems to wipe 'last current', so if you dont save, you lose it. The workaround, is save before you leave, but is there an easy way to avoid this level of paranoia? Otherwise, we have to interrupt the update, go save everything, then re-accept the update, once we're sure everything is insured.


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And in a possibly related bug, after today's last update, I'm trying to upload (share) a solution and I'm getting the message that I have too many shared solutions. I have only one uploaded (shared-for-group) solution on 318. I did a refresh of shared solutions, no change.

I finally deleted the solution that was already shared from the 'shared Solutions' folder so there were no shared solutions, then trying to upload caused a "Error: database returned invalid result at time xxxxxxxx" popup window. The solution appears to have uploaded, but the name is missing, replaced with the text "" .

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I also had this problem with the damaged solution name sometimes, but this sporadically happened before the update already.

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there may be a simple explanation, Brick - dont use apostrophes in the description window.

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The updates are meant to be backwards compatible. However, it's possible that rolling back an update would cause solutions that were saved (or autosaved) while working in the new update to not load in the rolled back version. The best thing to do is probably to make manual saves of those very best solutions.

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