"Float-Up" messages block reading of chat window

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Opened by:dimension9
Opened on:Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 03:37
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beta-helix and kind folks in the Fold-it admin team:

Would it be possible to disable the "Float-Up" messages when the mouse pointer is over the chat window? You have to put your mouse there to scroll or to click in the text entry box, but then the floating messages obscure your view. In some scripts, where there are a lot of "Restore-recent-best," or other message-generating commands, this can really block your view; very frustrating and annoying.

Thanks for any attention you can afford on this small but terribly bothersome issue.

Best Regards,


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This is what I also meant here:

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suggest instead of disabling "float up" messages, have them offset just to left of chat window when mouse is over chat window - so you still get the messages, but they do not obscure chat text.

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Yes, this is also a solution.
Disabling the "float-up-text" by mousing over the chat window, so you don't need another view option.

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Also, can the float-ups be disabled when a script is running. Scripts can generate hundreds of these float up messages.

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Right, it looks like stew sometimes when running a script.
There is already the recipe ouput window to give some information.

In regular game, the float-up text makes sense, but not when running recipes.

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Hi admins and tech team - just hoping to elevate the priority on this annoyance issue just a tad, (just in case it had kind of slipped beneath the radar.) I know there are hundreds of more pressing issues, but I think perhaps dealing with this one small one would make many folders and chatters very happy indeed, as it in our faces daily - and it seems like it might be a less technical issue that most likely would not take a lot of time and effort to fix.

Thanks for all you guys do; it is well-appreciated.


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Yes, dimension9, I share your opinion.

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Thanks for reminding us about this (as it did slip under the radar).

We can understand how with all the new users, chat must be used even more than usual, so I've bumped this up to priority 2.

We'll try to get to this soon, thanks for your patience.

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Nice, I'm curious if it will do some CPU ressource benefit, too,
and as dimension9 said, it is not creating something completely new, but only deactivating something existing.

Thans in advance,

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squeak, squeak, squeak... :)

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It would do it similiar as with hiding/fading GUI:
By checkbox, you can already hide the GUI completely or fade it out when the puzzle is rotated.

For the float-up text, there could also be two options:
Hide them completely or only if a script is executed.

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It's now set up to disable the float-up text when a recipe is running.

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this is now implemented in the Developer Preview

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Marking as resolved as this has been released.


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