Crashes on 311 using alignment tools

Case number:845829-987755
Opened by:mimi
Opened on:Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 13:46
Last modified:Friday, May 28, 2010 - 20:54

Each time I start playing with the alignments on 311 the program crashes.
Gets a little frustrating.

I managed to get something threaded but haven't got further than that as yet.

Can you take a look at it please

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That is indeed very disturbing.

Is there anything in particular that always causes it to crash?

Does anyone else notice this problem?

Are you on a Mac, PC, or Linux?

Sorry about this, Mimi... we will try to figure out what is going on ASAP.
We can extend the puzzle deadline for this target if we can't fix this soon.

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Happened to me once. Fortunately my changes were still there after the restart. I've had 2 Foldit windows open when it happened, so I didn't post my log.txt.
My OS: Windows 7 64bit

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Happened to me too a few times on 311, early yesterday. I wasn't doing anything special. One time it crashed when I moused over an alignment. I have noticed that it hasn't happened since the latest update, but I really haven't played much with alignments since that was installed.

Also Windows 7 64-bit

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I have also been OK since the latest update.

Problem definitely seems to have been associated with using alignment
since I was able to progress the threaded protein without any difficulty yesterday.

I reset the puzzle today and had a go at various alignments without incident.
Like the other two I am Win7 64bit


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hopefully the last update fixed this, if it didn't please reopen this!


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