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When dealing with the manipulation of sidechains, I learned that there is a way to set sidchains (if changeable) with the replace_aa() function, giving the one-letter-form of the desired acid.
Dealing with the secondary structure, you've got a similar command called replace_ss() to set the ss of a segment to a sheet, loop or helix.
To look WHICH ss you've got, there is the get_ss() command, but where is the accordant get_aa()function?

As the new snap function was introduced, it makes sense to know which form of sidechain you are manipulating, and also for some other sidechain manipulations.

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This function was removed long ago.
Maybe it's time to restore it?

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Oh, yes, this would be useful.

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Let's get the get_aa() function back, please!

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I don't unsterstand how a function like set_aa(), which does changes to puzzle does work, and a function, like get_aa(), which only gets some information doesn't work, anyway.

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This is done now, right?

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You are correct, thanks!


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