In ligand puzzles, freeze only parts of the ligand

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Evening FoldCentral

The drag settings for the ligand in Hold-it puzzles are so much better, so thank you for that.

The ligand is treated and defined as a single 'sidechain', which makes manipulation of it a little cumbersome. I'd like to be able to freeze only parts of it, so I can keep the good bits, and explore the bad bits. Would it be possible to break it down from a singular piece and define it as a collection of sub-segments instead of one whole?


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I'm glad that the new drag settings are better for you. Thanks for the feedback, CFC.

I will pass your suggestion along to austinday.

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Yup! That's all Seth that made that possible. He's been working on the exact thing you mentioned also. We're hoping to give users pretty much complete control over each degree of freedom in the ligand. But it'll take a little while to implement that since it requires a graphical interface.

Thanks for the feedback!

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