Experimental tests of anti-influenza designs

We have now analyzed your redesigns of the last anti-influenza puzzle
and found the solution by user Vakobo to be extremely promising! Vakobo reformed a
loop into a helix introducing new hydrophobic interactions with
hemagglutinin which weren't there in the original design. We'll experimentally
test Vakobo's solution in the lab over the next few weeks and hopefully it will turn
out to be a binder. We'll keep you posted! Thanks to Vakobo and all of the other
participants in this puzzle. We hope that you'll participate in the new puzzles that
we've posted. We're excited to test your ideas!

( Posted by  sarelf 82 1807  |  Thu, 04/22/2010 - 00:44  |  2 comments )
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Good show!

Good show, Vakobo! Let's hope your design bears fruit, and you get your name in a publication.

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I hope your design has worked Vakobo.

Kia Kaha from Aotearoa !

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