Missing teams on group scoreboards

Case number:671076-987609
Opened by:Madde
Opened on:Friday, April 16, 2010 - 09:34
Last modified:Monday, April 19, 2010 - 17:51

In all the open puzzles (284, 285 and 286) about 10 teams are missing at the group scoreboards (both in-game and website).

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Could you specify any groups in particular?

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It was SETI.Germany on 284 before Susanne starts to play

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284: Mad Lab, Team New Zealand, CryptoFolders, sfb579, Boinc.be, Team China, Ukraine, DSN @ Home, Dutch Power Cows
284 (<150): Mac Users, Team China, SETI.Germany
284 (<15): Mac Users

285: Mad Lab, Team New Zealand, Team Commonwealth, sfb579, DSN @ Home, Russian team

286: Natural Abilities, Natural Abilities, Mad Lab, Mac Users, sfb579
286 (<150): Richard Dawkins Foundation
286 (<15): Team Turkey

Beginner Puzzle 17: Team New Zealand, nothing better to do, Team Turkey, CryptoFolders, SETI.Germany, Another Hour Another Point, Dutch Power Cows, L'Alliance Francophone, Rechenkraft.net, Mmm Helix Fries., Vgames.co.il, Team China, BOINC@Poland, BOINC.Italy, Boinc.be, xkcd; Atheists, Skeptics, & Humanists; Cedarburg H.S., Castle View Biotechnology, Void Crushers, Mac Users, Ireland

Beginner Puzzle 18: Mac Users, CryptoFolders, Team Turkey, SETI.Germany, BOINC.Italy, Dutch Power Cows, Rechenkraft.net, Another Hour Another Point, Team China, Void Crushers, Flip It And Fold It

All these teams have at least one member at the soloist's scoreboards of the respective puzzles. It seems that only the teams appear on group's scoreboard which played the respective puzzle within about the last 2 or 3 days.

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Okay, I have recalculated the group points from the player points so all should be accounted for. I'll leave this case's status as waiting, so if they become inconsistent again I'll look into it further.

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And if this is not enough... just look into the pages of the top 5 groups. Notice that the group scores are currently cut off at puzzle 284.

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As the scores were restored for the reported puzzles and it looks like the group scores have recorded correctly since then I'm marking as resolved.


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