Foldit may soon be unplayable

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As an XP sp3 OS user. I lived with the hccutils.dll crash when you close Foldit, because it was merely an inconvenience. 4 updates ago. The game_library.dll crash is new, and exciting, because it strikes out of the blue. As things stand, and I'm sure I'm only crystallising current grumbles from the last few updates, I cant run scripts, (they fall over now), I cant run recipes (they sometimes fall over) I cant run the scripts and recipes by hand (they mysteriously hang_app at different junctures, never reproducibly) I rejoice with unconfined pleasure when my feeble attempts at improving a solution results in a score change upwards, because I beat the scoreboard. Before it crashed. I now save 20-30 rebuild positions, when I rebuild, because I've learnt the hard way that stepping back through those 20-30 positions and processing each one, means you'll get through perhaps 4, before you crash. And clicking the 'edit' icon on a script or recipe is my new version of Russian Roulette... And global_wiggle_all can occasionally just frighten my OS into freeze panic. And, and, and, and.........

TL;DR - as a folder, It's russian roulette b4 I crash. Never used to be that way. It makes me swear more often than I used to. Grrrrrrrrrr

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I only use SP 2 with an AMD2400+, and the crashes got rarer last time.
It runs slow, but relatively stable.
Maybe it's a hardware problerm?


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CFC, has this problem gotten a bit better in recent updates?

Other than not being able to open any puzzles due to "Excessive server load" of course:

Protein folding is tough enough that we don't want you having to swear more than you should be!

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I'll close this down then beta_helix. Havent seen an hccutils.dll fault for a while, the cumulative updates since March have quenched that there problem... :)

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A mate of me is now trying, and he got some hangs on his quad some times if he plays this game.
But I have to say that he has overclocked his CPU and he also gets freezes in other applications, but more rare than when playing
So, I reccomend (for other users), if you encounter freezes, try other CPU-excessive applications (BOINC or Graphic-intensive games), to check out, if it only happens at and to exclude hardware problems.


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