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Now that more and more recipes are being produced, it would be useful to be able to be able to file them in different folders rather than having just a long list.
Don't know if that would even be possible but its worth a mention

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I think we do need more folders(chapters)in cookbook, it would save players time.
yes ,One long list of recipes is more like a scroll then a book.

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Sounds good and will give a clear overview.
But what will be the label criteria?

I mean, according to which criteria should the recipes be sorted?
The function they use?
The length?
If they are interactive or not?

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It would only really be useful if each player could define on their system which recipe went into which folder - even if you couldn't define the folder names - which would be ideal

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Recipe folders defined by user would be great. i.e wigglers, rebuilders, annealers

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also, option to widen cookbook window... especially without folders, names get longer and longer to differentiate versions and we can never see the ends of longer names. -d9

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