Hccutils.dll - the root of all crashes?

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The spontaneous crashes reported for the last month seem rooted in the hccutils.dll hangup. Is this close to being fixed? It's rooted in the undo graph changes, when we had the option to change the undo moves and memory use in the new popup box. Not the last update, but the one before. It seems to span Vista/7/XP3 and personally it's driving me mental. My record for one-day crashes is 14, but since the scripts have gotten really popular, I'm seeing system freezes as well, which I've not had with Foldit ever before.
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I can concur on the full system slow-down and freezes from long running scripts.

The entire XP SP3 system (dual core, plenty of memory) becomes non-responsive after running scripts that might go overnite or all day.

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Updated long time ago. Closing.


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