client not reading undo graph preferences from options.txt

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Opened by:Steven Pletsch
Opened on:Thursday, December 17, 2009 - 22:21
Last modified:Friday, December 18, 2009 - 16:00

I've noticed that each time I run foldit, I need to change the settings for the undo graph history.

I have the following settings in options.txt

"graph_options/graph_length_value" : "100"
"graph_options/graph_max_values_index_100" : "1"
"graph_options/graph_max_values_index_25" : "0"
"graph_options/graph_max_values_index_50" : "0"
"graph_options/graph_max_values_index_75" : "0"
"graph_options/graph_memory_value" : "100"

yet each time I reload the client, the "Max Graph Length" is set to 25

I'm not sure if others are having this issue as well, and I know it's minor, but I sometimes forget to check, and am unable to go back to semi-recent points in the puzzle.

Thanks for looking ;)

for the record, this is on a Win7 host, have not tried on other hosts, or OS's.

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Experiencing the same issue.

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Sorry, I looked through, but did not see it as an open case. Guess I did not go back far enough


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