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Hello, I found that my global soloist score went down by about 10 points each week now I got 149 also i went down in ranks too.
Is this normal? I am not really happy, I added up all of my solution scores that accounts to over 600 points.

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Score is only saved for half a year or even less. Look at me - I dropped from a 50th rank down to 2xx.

That makes sense: If it would be saved forever, the players who joined early would have thousands of points, even if they do nothing for a year. The top player could be one that hasn't been on the site for a year ;)

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The score calculation is set to a 4 month rolling window, so you'll find that scores will jump around as puzzles close. It will settle down eventually, as your old scores, (usually lower than normal because they reflect your early gameplay as you get to grips with the game) fall off.
Having said that, there is another fault with the score calculations currently, feedback posted, so hopefully there will be a readjustment soon

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Ah thanks, that is bit fair but for me it hard for me to play actively as possible as i only could play on weekends :(

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Thanks for the answers, LennStar and Charlie.


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