Score calculation error? Beginner puzzles closed last night but shook up Global Solo ranks?

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Evening FoldCentral

Last night we had a 'puzzle expired' notification, which must have been Pig and Pout, which have disappeared from the in-game puzzle menu, but dont appear on the web 'Puzzles expired' part on the Puzzles page. It seems also to have shaken up the Global Ranks, (pretty picture below), which doesnt make sense, since those ranks are not <150 players...

Does FoldCentral now move the 4 month rolling window along every time any puzzle closes? It seems to be that's the only way a beginner puzzle could close, and affect the 'veteran' rankings, or is this a calculation error? The shake-up seemed a little dramatic...
(Global Solo Week now shows g_s as #2, yet g_s hasnt played since the end of September)


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And I've just checked my history, I'm posted on the web as 3281, and I cant get that figure by stepping backwards. If 181 (08-07) is the last scoring puzzle, I get 3251. If the 4 month window is working, then 177 (08-03) should be last score counted, and I get 3496.

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