Cant delete a recipe - 226 structure match

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Evening FoldCentral

I put a recipe up last night called '226 structure match', but it's broken and cant be accessed. Can someone delete it for me? I cant open the original and 'unshare' it.

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cant delete my first version of apres alignement

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sounds related to what I'm doing

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I'm using multiple PCs, so sometimes I can't delete uploaded recipes via one PC if it were created and uploaded by another PC.

There should be a possibility to manage (and delete) recipes even online by the user who has created it.

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I too want to delete some of my old recipes.

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I want to delete some, too, but the've been created on another PC, so I can't delete them here.
We need an option to delete them from the recipe's internet-site, this would be easier and a great help keeping orientation.

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As suggested by thom, I load the recipes, share then and unshare them.
It works for most of them.
Only this one is too bugged to be loaded

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We need ability to delete recipes directly from site.

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On a related note, when you share a updated version (bugfix) of a recipe, you end up with the same recipe name twice, instead of just replacing. This happens when you find and fix a bug on a second computer.
Deleting is a pain, must do it from 2 computers and then reinstall just to make sure it is the latest version.

Conclusion: recipes should only be coupled to players names, which are (hopefully) unique.

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I've had trouble with this as a new scripter, but not recently, so I think I'm doing it correctly now. Basically:

Save (and re-share) = bug fix, which updates the original web page (you can change the name). This works pretty reliably for me now.

Save As (and share) = child recipe with a new web page. Haven't tried to do this for a while, though.

Also, I had deleted a shared recipe that I wrote, then downloaded it, and it had no 'shared' status, so I thought I couldn't edit it....but eventually I tried anyways and it let me apply a bug fix to the existing recipe, without making a child.

So, I *think* it's's just easy to make mistakes. Also, it seems to auto-unshare when you save a change, which is confusing to new coders. I guess it's to remind you to upload your new version. But easy to forget to do so, until somebody tells you that they can't find your script anymore.

Worst cookbook problem I've had is when editing with multiple clients that have been open for days, and losing a script.

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I couldn't delete recipe
Is it because it has a child?


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