Runtime error upon friend request

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When the user hits the "sent friend request" button, foldit crashes with a runtime error. This also happens when the user attempts a duel

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Same here, as I accepted a duel!

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Looks like the buddy list module for Drupal ('s content management system) is missing, and probably has been since drupal was updated near the end of August. Website links to add a buddy and view the buddy list all show "The requested page could not be found." as well as the internal links the client uses (/portal/buddy/add/ , /comm/pending_buddy_requests, etc.)

Basically two bugs: one for Admin/project:Server, and one for the developers/Game:Social
This should probably be assigned to Admin so the module can be installed again, as well as Seth or someone on the development team so an exception can be programmed in to prevent crashes if those pages are unreachable for any reason in the future.

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This would explain much.

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It still happens!

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