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Here's the problem I'm trying to solve:
I would like to fold the protein from the beginning (basically stretched out) and I know several structures, like helixes and sheets, and I do not really want to deal with low level interactions in these, helixes and sheets in the beginning. I would like to move a helix or sheet structure segments as a group.

How it should work:
I select multiple segments. Select group from the menu. It makes these segments as a group. (Possibly with abstraction in UI - that means it shows a grouped helix structure as a cylinder, sheet as a box, anything other as a thin cylinder). Now when I move the group - everything in that group translates, scales, rotates and moves together. That means everything in a group is fixed and only group together can be moved.

There could be a list of existing groups and you can assign them names for easier navigation.

Nice things to have with it:

* Disable scoring calculations - this would help performance because when you're doing something like that you probably will mess up a lot and the calculations don't help that much. (Performance increase)

* Disable automatic corrections - this can help because the moving part will break a lot things and it's easier to move everything into place and then work out the problems. (Performance increase)

* Rotating, Translation - using is similar to ligand moving tool, just ignore the connections (that disable both of mentioned above). After moving and rotating we can use rebuild/wiggle tool to fix the problems with the connections between other elements and the group. (It would be nice to be able to use this on just selected segments as well.)

* Scaling - basically possibility to scale a group, to stretch it and compress it.

* Center for scaling, rotating - this would be the point around where rotating and scaling occurs. (This would be nice option for the ligand rotating also.)

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Getting the "selected" or "frozen" status by script would help in this case.

With "Freeze" and/or "select" by script, you could save selecting all those segments which belong to one "group", and moving them then as one part.

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We have cut tool now. Marking as done.


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