New Interface: R for Rebuild vs R for remove bands

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I really like the new interface because of its nice ways of selecting, but when i tried removing all bands, I noticed one thing:

On the old interface, as shown in the help window, "R" is to remove all bands, and works on the new interface as well, as far as the button "R" for rebuild is not active.

Okay, by rejecting the selection, "R" for rebuild dissappears, and you can remove all bands again, but I unique keys would be better
...and maybe better for the game's algorithmic structure, too? Just guessing. I don't know the source-code.

Somedays before, I've read that the interfaces sometimes collide, so to my belly-feeling, avoiding those circumstances should be desirable.

Just my two cents.

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Still no answer?
C'mon, this is a real problem.
If you have made a selection and applied bonds, and you want to keep the selection and only want to remove the bonds, you can't do this, because R is for rebuild.

We need a button in the new GUI for removing all bonds or two several hotkeys.

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This is a known bug that is being fixed by those working on the new interface.
I will email them again about this, thanks for the reminder!

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This will be fixed in the new update.

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That's nice :)
Thanks a lot!

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Marking as resolved due to the release.


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