do_global_wiggle_all() doesn't work

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Opened by:Migi
Opened on:Monday, October 19, 2009 - 19:01
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If I create an empty cookbook recipe with only "do_global_wiggle_all(100)" in it, the recipe ends very quickly, with no error, but it doesn't wiggle anything and at the bottom of the screen some text pops up saying "can't start wiggle". This happens on every (beta) puzzle with any number of iterations. Other functions starting with "do_", like do_global_shake(n), all seem to have this bug, but I didn't test them all extensively.

I hope you can fix this, because I'm eager to try out the new text-based recipe editor to its full power.

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This is the intended behavior. The recipe functions are based on selection, so you will need to select something before calling one of the do_ functions. For example, select_all().


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