210 weirdness - Or how to play 210 with the ligand from 195

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Now this one is a head scratcher. In 210 I thought we'd had this ligand before, so I went back to 195 to check it out. (The answer is no). But when I went back in to 210, I brought the ligand from 195 with me. The biotin had been replaced with the 195 ligand. When I tried to load one of my biotin Work In Progress solns, I kept getting a fail, (picture below). Reset puzzle didnt work, restore very best didnt work. Coming out of the puzzle, ang going back in didnt work. Restart Foldit did work, ligand returned to biotin, but I've lost all my scores. I can get into my biotin WIP solns, but now I cant open the ligand 195 soln that I saved.
Here's some pretty pictures

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This should be fixed in the current developer preview release, which will be released soon.

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Marking as resolved due to the release. Please reopen if this is still a problem.


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