New interface: Mutate in puzzle 205 is still possible.

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At the moment, I´m switching between the old and the new interface, because the selecting method of the new interface is very good, but I still miss general bond commands like disable and remove all bands.

In Puzzle 205: Quest to the native 12, Mini-CASP 4, in the old interface, mutating is disabled (which is intentional as I guess, because it´s no design- or freestyle-puzzle).
Anyhow, you can perform "mutate" in the new interface, so you can cheat and get some extra points.

One additional thing:
In "behaviour", a bar for bonding-importance would be nice.

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Even though the mutate button is there, clicking it should only perform the equivalent of a shake, because there are no mutatable sidechains. But, the button should not be there in that case.

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