Structure Tool (useful for large proteins)

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A tool that would allow the folder to choose the two end points for a helix, loop, or sheet, and have the inner section filled in automatically would be helpful, especially for large proteins.

(If this option already exists, I haven't found it yet.)

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You can do this with the new interface!
Click the starting segment, hold Shift,and click the ending segment.
Now, all segments in this range should be selected (thick and blue).
Now you can directly assign a new structure to the complete selection.

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I forgot: Double-clicking automatically selects all the adjoining structures, which are the same.
For example,if you double-click a helix, your selection will include the whole helix, if you double-click loops, your selection will contain the whole piece of loop, ending at helixes or sheets.

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Thank you Crashguard- that is great to know!

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My pleasure.
Sperical selecting is also very interesting.

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It is in selection interface. Closing.


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