Crash when setting bands

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I have a saved version of 200 which crashes repeatably when I run 'just compress' cookbook. How do I make it available if you want to look at it?

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I have had a similar problem lately. I don't think it has anything to do with that specific recipe. I think it is happening when you go over a certain number of bands. It's happening on #200 because it has so many residues. I get an immediate crash to desktop whenever I run a recipe with extensive banding on #200. But the same recipes modified to use slightly fewer bands work fine.

My first thought was that there is an absolute band limit and I had just never hit the limit before. But it could also be a bug. I'm sure someone will chime in.

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My guess is that the band limit hypothesis is more likely than the out-of-memory hypothesis. I'm saying this because I upgraded from my Win XP SP3 laptop with 1G or RAM to a Win Vista SP2 laptop with 4G of RAM-- and yet the "band everything" recipe would still crash on proteins with >100 residues. (If it's an out-of-memory problem, the increased amount of RAM would have prevented it from happening.)

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