Evolve error in 194

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Once you have evolved a solution, you get a blue All Conditions Met flag by your score, and it stays blue, because once you have evolved, you stay that way. In 194, although you may be registering an evolved score on the board, if you step back to sub-condition score, you return to the red 1 Condition Not Met flag.
It's minor, and the evolve score IS registering, but in these strange and turbulent days, I thought I'd let you know about it.
Here's a pretty picture

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Can you clarify the problem? Did you get to 8822 and then undo so it doesn't say you meet the condition? Or did you not get to 8822 but the game is still reporting that score?

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I was running a series of rebuilds and stepping back. It's happened every time I've rebuilt in evolver, since I posted this, so I'm guessing it's just the way things are now. I posted bcs I thought it might indicate a server fault. Previously, once you achieved that blue evolver condition, you could undo, but your condition stayed blue.


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It sounds like this is the intended behavior now, if you undo to a point that was not evolved, then it will undo the evolver condition. This is related to the change to prevent clearing the undo graph while an evolver.


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