A New Developer Preview

A new version has been posted to the Developer Preview. This includes several new features and fixes that are described in the releasenotes.txt. To learn how to try the Developer Preview, please read the FAQ.

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release notes?

the release notes file included with the update is still the old one from the last preview, any chance the notes could be posted here in a comment :)

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Sorry about that, they

Sorry about that, they should be in there now. Here they are as well:

Exploration Map: In the Social tab, you access a map that will show how much you have explored relative to other players.

Multiple puzzle starting structures: Some puzzles may have multiple starting structures. Currently, one will be selected randomly when you start or restart such a puzzle.

Undo Graph: The points on the undo graph are colored by what action took place, and the length of the undo history can be changed. The undo graph won't clear when when playing as Evolver.

Interface: The Extras has become Social and Issue Analysis is now a panel. Many panels are now draggable. In the new interface preview, there is a separate Behavior panel.

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Thanks for the quick response. I'm really loving the new undo graph changes, and draggable panels. now the only thing the new interface is missing is note mode, you can see notes with tab but can not make then or view them all like the old interface

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