Tweak bug on 184

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Evening all

On 184 I have a helix at one end. (I dont know why, it just seemed like a good idea at the time). Using tweak I tried to rotate it. And it didnt work. Instead of just rotating the helix, it rotated the whole protein. This happens in both directions. The straighten tool under tweak however, does work. Just wanted to let you know, since I've not seen this before. As a bug, it is very minor, but a bug it is nonetheless.
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Is this helix the only secondary structure on your protein?
If so, then it's not a bug: Tweak always rotates the helix and the connected loops. If the whole rest of the protein is one long loop, the whole protein rotates.

Solution: Freeze a residue, only the part between the helix and the frozen residue will rotate with the helix.

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Thanks Madde. I'll close this as resolved :-)

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Just setting the assignments correctly. ;) Thanks, Madde.


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